Journal Club 10/14/22

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Last week our researchers and physicians discussed a paper about intermittent calorie restriction, and its potential immune and metabolic effects in MS patients.

Diet has been linked to potential modulation of the immune system, via metabolic changes or alterations to the gut microbiome. Specifically, intermittent calorie restriction (iCR) has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and other inflammatory markers. iCR is a diet that follows a 5:2 pattern, in which 100% of one’s daily calorie needs are eaten for 5 days, and 25% of one’s calorie needs are eaten for 2 days. When compared to those following a daily calorie restriction diet, where one receives 78% of their daily calorie needs 7 days/week, MS patients following an iCR diet had reduction in memory T cells, along with biologically-relevant lipid markers. These findings suggest that an iCR diet may have potential immune and metabolic benefits in MS patients; however, further research must be done in order to determine the clinical relevance of these findings.

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