Journal Club Recap: July 19, 2019

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 19, 2019: At Journal Club, our experts sat down to discuss a paper on the sodium accumulation in the brain in MS.

Brownlee et al 2019 - Cortical grey matter sodium accumulation is associated with disability and secondary progressive disease course in relapse-onset multiple sclerosis

Sodium MRI is an emerging imaging technique that allows you to study brain tissue metabolism and neuron integrity. This research group studied brain total sodium concentration (TSC) in MS patients. They found that TSC was elevated in MS patients compared to controls and that secondary progressive MS patients had higher TSC than patients with relapsing-remitting MS. Blocking of sodium channels has been proposed as a protective measure for MS, but further research needs to be done to understand this possibility. Additional research needs to be completed with a larger sample of patients to fully understand this trend in MS patients.

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