Phase II Results

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

We are very excited to share that the highly-anticipated Phase II results of our FDA-approved stem cell treatment study have been released. 


Building off the groundbreaking findings in Phase I, this is the first study to show a broad array of regenerative improvements, and have very exciting implications for patients moving forward. While further study of these results is needed, notable findings include:

  • Significant improvement in walking speeds among patients who require walking assistance
  • Improved bladder function, with 69% of patients showing improved post-void residual volume
  • A positive increase in gray matter volumefor patients with less advanced disease progression, indicating the treatments could potentially restore neuronal cells and reverse cognitive decline in these patients
  • Notable biomarker changes, including a decrease in the protein CCL2 (which is associated with inflammatory diseases like MS) and an increase in the protein MMP9 (which indicates an increase in microglial cells that repair the progression of MS)


Dr. Sadiq shared these results at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting in Boston last month, and we’ll be sure to share further updates as we prepare the paper manuscript for publication.


The research has also been covered in several press articles so far, linked here:


The New Scientist – a publication focused on the scientific community, reaching 5.1 million monthly visitors


Multiple Sclerosis News Today – an MS-focused publication reaching 289,000 unique monthly visitors


Neurology Live – a neurology-focused publication reaching 169,000 unique monthly visitors


BioInformant – a market research firm specializing in the stem cell, reaching 58,000 unique monthly visitors   


We also look forward to sharing more with you all on the path forward for this research, including potentially investigating the impacts of increasing the dosage of stem cell treatments. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on logistics and how we’ll be coordinating the next steps for the study.


“We look forward to building on these findings in future research and potentially studying the effects of increasing the dosage of stem cells administered to patients.”

-Dr. Violaine Harris

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