Tisch MSRCNY Phase 1 Stem Cell Clinical Trial Featured in Neurology Today’s Review of News from the ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS Meeting in September

Monday, November 10, 2014

On November 6, Neurology Today Online featured Tisch MSRCNY in a review of news coming out of the ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS Annual Meeting in September examining the safety of stem cell therapy in MS treatment. The article discussed two different trials that were found to be safe and well tolerated in multiple sclerosis patients: one using intravenous injection of mesenchymal stem cells and the other Tisch MSRCNY’s protocol using intrathecal injections of mesenchymal stem cells.

Tisch MSRCNY presented six abstracts, including five posters, at the Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting (Americas and European Committees for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) in Boston, held September 10-13. This was the sixth triennial event dedicated to advancing the understanding of MS and attracted over 9,000 delegates including more than one hundred exhibitors.

Abstracts presented by Tisch MS Research Center of New York at the ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS meeting included: (will include links)

"Intrathecal Administration of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Neural Progenitors in Multiple Sclerosis: An Interim Analysis of a Phase I Clinical Trial" (posted 9/17/2014)

"Metabolomics of cerebrospinal fluid from progressive MS patients" (posted 10/3/2014)

"CSF fetuin-A is a biomarker of subclinical disease activity in progressive MS" (posted 10/3/2014)

"TGM6 is highly expressed by reactive astrocytes in the murine spinal cord during EAE and its levels correlate with the disease course" (posted 10/3/2014)

"The protection of A2aR on BBB permeability from Th1 cytokines in MS" (posted 10/3/2014)

"Exosomes released by mesenchymal stem cell populations promote differentiation and maturation of oligodendrocytes" (posted 10/3/2014)

For a full copy of the Neurology Today Online article, visit: http://journals.lww.com/neurotodayonline/Fulltext/2014/11060/NEWS_FROM_THE_JOINT_MEETING_OF_ACTRIMS_ECTRIMS_.11.aspx

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