Qijiang Yan, PhD

“I truly feel our Center is a big, warm family. Everyone works hard to investigate the cause of and cure for MS. Most importantly, we have an inspiring leader and collaborator in our Chief Research Scientist, Dr. Saud A. Sadiq.” 

- Dr. Qijiang Yan, Research Scientist

Dr. Yan began working in our research laboratory in 2005. After some recent work in China, Dr. Yan rejoined Tisch MSRCNY in 2019 as a Research Scientist. His research focuses on providing pathological expertise to our scientists. Almost all of our investigations involve the use of brain and spinal cord specimens. These tissues are obtained from patients with multiple sclerosis who have generously and selflessly donated their bodies for medical research. Such samples are difficult to obtain and at Tisch MSRCNY, we are fortunate to have well-preserved tissue specimens. Dr. Yan’s work has involved extensive cataloging of various sections of normal and MS affected brain, as well as categorizing MS lesions into "active" and "inactive." In addition, the Center has spinal cord sections from the cervical and thoracic spine at different levels. The availability of these specimens is especially critical to our work. Based on his past experience with pathological specimens, staining, and categorization pathology, Dr. Yan collaborates with other researchers on their projects in finding the cause of MS and to elucidate a better understanding of progressive disease.

Dr. Qijiang Yan received his PhD in Neurobiology from Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou, China and an MS in Anatomy from China Xinjiang Medical University.

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