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The Tisch MS research center presented several more posters at the Philadelphia AAN meeting, including: Cerebrospinal Fluid Mononuclear Phagocytes Are Decreased In Number and Express Less IL-10 In Multiple Sclerosis Compared To Values Seen With Normal Controls Shivani Agarwal, Irene Jarchum, Ying Liu, Saud A. Sadiq Summary:
The study summarized in these four slides was selected for a special session at the AAN entitled “Multiple Sclerosis: Highlights in the Field”.  Of the 600+ abstracts submitted to the AAN, 35 were selected to be highlighted in this session as representative of important advances in the field. The presentation was very well received.   AAN slides.pdf
Tuesday, April 29th Today’s Tisch MS Center poster presentations included: Transient Neurologic Worsening after Initiation of Dimethyl Fumarate Therapy in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patients James W Stark, Sydney Chirls, Saud Sadiq
By Dr. James W. Stark A study presented at the AAN examined the use of estriol in combination with copaxone in the treatment of 158 relapsing-remitting MS patients. At 12 months, the group treated with both copaxone and estriol had improved relapse rates, however that effect was less apparent at 24 months. The relationship between estrogen and MS is an important area of active study, although the IMSMP does not recommend supplementation for most patients
We are pleased to announce the stem cell research from Tisch MSRCNY has been selected to be presented as a highlight during the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. This will take place later today during the portion of the Meeting pertaining to MS. We will provide an update for you tomorrow!
Please read our press release on the success of the Tisch MSRCNY Phase I Clinical Stem Cell Trial campaign on Indiegogo.com.  To continue to support this important initiative CLICK HERE. We are truly grateful to everyone who is helping to fund our mission to repair the damage caused by multiple sclerosis. Indiegogo Goal Reached release.pdf
Tisch MS Research Center of New York is delighted to announce that it has received regulatory approval needed to commence our proposed phase I clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis. Patient enrollment and the study will begin shortly.
Tisch MS Research Center of New York continues to be in active deliberation with an Institutional Review Board regarding approval of our stem cell clinical trial. We expect to have all outstanding concerns addressed in the near future and will begin study activities at that time. Please note that IRB approval and FDA approval are separate regulatory matters, and our IRB negotiations do not in any way affect our prior FDA approval. Tisch MS Research Center of New York is committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations concerning the practice of clinical research.
Tisch MS Research Center of New York submitted our FDA-approved protocol for review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), an organization designated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to monitor and supervise research involving human subjects, whose approval is a regulatory requirement for moving forward with any clinical research trial. IRB review was completed during the week of January 26, 2014. The IRB deferred approval of our protocol pending several revisions to submitted documents. This decision does not in any way affect our previously-obtained FDA approval.
The Tisch MS Research Center has had twelve scientific research presentations accepted to the 66th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. The conference is the largest gathering of the neurological community in the world and will take place at the end of April in Philadelphia. Twelve presentations marks a record for the center. Details of the research projects will be made available in the coming months on our websites.


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