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The Mission of Tisch MS Research Center of New York

Tisch MS Research MissionThe Tisch MS Research Center of New York is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding the cause of and cure for multiple sclerosis. By conducting groundbreaking medical investigations, Tisch MSRCNY accelerates the pace at which research discoveries translate from lab bench to bedside. The Center aims to discover the cause of MS, elucidate mechanisms of disease progression, develop translational research programs that will lead to new therapies, and investigate regeneration and repair in MS while offering patient access to the best and most advanced treatment possible. The Center's medical research is designed to understand all aspects of MS, including experimentation at the cellular and molecular levels, in order to treat and cure MS. Our stem cell studies are the most exciting of all of our research projects. The Neural Cell Regeneration and Repair study is working to perfect a treatment using the patient's own adult stem cells to regenerate and repair nerve cells and help patients recover lost functions. We are committed to our mission and invite you to explore our website and learn more about our research activities, facilities, scientific and educational events.

Tisch MS Research Center of New York

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